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What about Me?

Well I figured, since Millions of People read this Blog (just kidding), I write a little something about me.

Originally from Germany, I moved to the US in 2000. Lived in the Atlanta area ever-since.
I studied Automotive Engineering back in Cologne, Germany but never worked in that field. I started out doing PC support which evolved to Network Support to 2nd Level Application Support to finally Data Center Support Engineering.
So basically "I work with Computers" for the few that just, well, don't care.

I have being doing Photography for a long time now but it was more on a on-and-off basis. I don't even recall when I started, I guess the earliest I can remember is when I was 6.
It was my first trip the US and we started off in New York. I was fascinated by that city and I believe I took a photo of half the cities phone both'. Not sure if I still have some but that and some up-shots on skyscrapers are it I think.

At some point in my early teenage years I got my first SLR camera. It was a manual Pentax which I had for about 2 years and then got replaced by a Vivitar - a camera that served me well especially for my spotter years where I enjoyed taking photos of commercial airplanes. I still got most of the color slide shots that I took towards the end of my "career" but most of prints got "lost" somewhere.

My first automatic camera (one that needed more than a button battery for the analog light-meter) was a Minolta Dynax 9xi which I bought in the early 90's I believe. It was a good camera for the time I had it, maybe a few too many functions for it's own good but I enjoyed it.
When i sold the Minolta in the mid-90's I did not take photos until 2003 or so when I bought my first Canon, the Digital Rebel XT (350D).

So far I guess most of my photos are from my Rebel slowly catching up with my new Camera though, when I went to a class last year my camera broke and I moved to the newer Canon 40D which I still have.

Sure there are times where I'd rather have a Nikon but then again, right now they may have a better camera in my range, tomorrow it's a Canon again. I am very happy with my camera, enjoy taking photos with it.

As for my style of photos, that took some time to figure out. As I said earlier, I used to take photos exclusively of phone-booth' went to commercial Airplanes and now am a little more diverse between Landscape, Urban/Architecture and Photo Journalism style shots.
I actually do prefer the latter, capturing moments, like and what is around us.

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