Saturday, December 26, 2009

What did you get for Christmas?

Now that Christmas is pretty much over with I am still examining my loot.

My wife was kind enough to get me some things Photography, I hope she is hoping it will get me out more to shoot - something I have been slacking for some time now.
Few neat little things I got, one thing I always wanted to have was a Storm Jacket for my Camera. Even though my 40D is sealed and can to with some water, I don't like it. Basically it covers Camera and lens so just the front end sticks out.
Besides that a small Hotshoe level (I always have a lean to the left in my photos), new Lenscleaner and flash diffuser will hopefully all work out for me.

One Book I received from my MIL, The National Geographic Image Collection really does inspire, it contains some awesome photography. Together with the DVD Collection of the National Geographic issues since 1888 or so I have yenough to read for the bad days :)

Anyway, in a way I am glad Christmas is over with and my vacation starts now. For a week I will try to take photos prior to my project for next year. Starting next year I will attempt to take at least one photo a day. Not sure how I will manage to do that but there are some interesting groups on Flickr doing the same thing.
Project365 and Project365! are two of those groups and I do read a lot about people making it 20 days or 3 month but then give up. It does not matter I think - the attempt by itself should do something for me right.

1 1/2 weeks and it's Vegas Baby. Couple days with my old man to the CES so I might get a little technical here :)

One "play shot" I did today that I like for it's Shallow Depth of Field.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Valve"]Valve[/caption]

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