Wednesday, November 11, 2009


You read a lot about timelapse photography these days. And while I am not a video guy I never really payed much attention to it.

Last weekend I went out to shoot a fairly new building here; it has a very nice form and cool reflections. After setting up, I decided to give it a shot.  It was about 15 minutes to sunset. I had no real idea what interval to choose so i went with 10 seconds.

The below Video consists of 180 RAW photographs, shot with the same Apeture and slowly rising shutter speed. I have not manipulated the photos at all, used a shade White Balance since I did not want to waste too much time and miss sunset.

Overall I think it turned out OK but there are things I wold do different next time.

- If there are people moving in the foreground, I think 10 seconds is too long, might have to use 5 seconds.

- Never ever shoot horizontal, just not a good format for Video :)

- Research in getting an intervalometer since standing there with a cable release can get old.

As far as the export goes, I found some cool templates for the Adobe Lightroom 3 beta. There may be better ways as far as quality goes, but to get a first idea they work awesome.

Since Wordpress is giving me a hard time embedding a video - please go here to view

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