Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cold Georgia

So it seems that the new year 2009, is not going much better so far. I have made it out just once this year to take some photos.

I had made a stroll to a nearby commuter airport here in Atlanta, to take some shots of incoming and outgoing planes. I used to really enjoy taking pictures of airplanes and it is still somewhat fun, thus the biggest problem is zoom.
My top zoom caps me at 200mm which is not enough by a long shot. It is plenty for taxiing planes but I found 99% of those photos to be boring. There is no drama. I was going for tire-smoke or hovers but they were all too far away.

So I guess in order to take some new aviation images I need to either get a longer zoom or get that extender that has been on my Amazon wishlist forever.

Meanwhile, it is very cold in Georgia. I don't think it makes it much abobe freezing anymore and I am too much of a baby to get out at those temperatures.
This Saturday I will do some Volunteer work, helping out my Boss for Destination Imagination. They are having  DI Construction Challenge I will take some photos for. Who knows, I might finally get to post some photos here for this year :)

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