Sunday, August 24, 2008

Journeys End

As I wrote last night, my trip to Germany is over. I am currently I'm the plane rushing towards the US at 495 mph. I actually have the feeling he is flying kind of slow :).
Of course now that I unpacked my iPhone they start a movie? The only entertainment you get back here in cramped coach.
It appears to be Kung-Fu Panda.
Guess I'll watch that for a little and get back to writing. ;)


OK. I watched that movie and must say I am not impressed at all. Anyway.

I am about 1850 miles away from Paris now. Glad about that since I harden my serious dislike from that city. I was only at the airport and they ticked me off. The only airport that made me take out my camera and all lenses from the bag. I had to show my ticket and my boarding pass to just about every person that works at the airport.

The one good thing is that I managed to get a seat at the emergency exit which let's me at least stretch my legs a little.

I enjoyed my trip to Germany but it was time to get back to my wife :).

Here a couple find snapshots before I oat some "real" photos next week.

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