Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Day at the Park

Last Sunday I made a small excursion to the nearby Piedmont Park - actually trying to shoot some skyline pictures across Lake Clarameer.

Next time I need to check where the Sun is because that is definitely a shot you need to do in the morning or after the Sun disappeared behind the Buildings.

It was just a tad hazy with the sub basically right off the building but I still think I captured a good moment with below photo.

Besides just doing a random shots that was pretty much it for Piedmont Park - there were a few performers (African Drums) but they did not seem very interested in others as they formed a circle not giving me a good angle.

On my way out I just took a snap of below photo which I found to be an interesting combination between the Wall and the Cart.

On my way back home I stopped around Tower Place in Buckhead where the new Sovereign Building is near completion. I will share some of those photos this week as well.

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