Friday, June 20, 2008

Older yet again

It has been quiet around this blog for a while, well mostly I don't get out taking photos as much as I'd love to (which is my fault alone for not getting my butt in gear).

Yesterday I celebrated my 35th Birthday and I come to think, it's time to change that a bit.

For one, I a toying with the idea of starting a small business, has something to do with photography, yes but I will not give up more info just yet. I will have to do some fact-finding on what it takes, what implications there may be and most importantly, how much do I charge?
I am sure I will write an update here once I am closer.
But besides that - I need to get out more, out of the house to take photos, something I really enjoy doing but my main problem (is it old age?) is the getting out part, not being out. I could say "It's too hot" but hey, that's Atlanta, deal with it....

So hopefully over the next few weeks I will find some more time to take photos.


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