Thursday, May 1, 2008

History Gardens

Intro: This is the 3rd time now I am writing this post, like Homer not learning from my mistakes that even Firefox sucks and crashed on you.

Last weekend I finally made it out again to take some photos, it has been some time for me -

In the morning hours I went to the 'Tour de Georgia' cycling finals which was quite interesting; more and photos about that though in a later post - have not sifted through the 400+ photos I took.

In the afternoon I went to the Atlanta History Center again, but this time I went to the back gardens which are actually quite nice, and I am sure I will go there multiple times for some more photo visits.
The gardens offer a few acres of interesting architecture and landscaping.

Below are two photos that I think turned out nice, sure they don't show too much of the gardens themselves but like in so many museums they put big signs in front of buildings explaining what it is, yet obstructing the photographers view - oh well, out to finding more perspectives.

The first shot reminds me of a Grapevine so my wife endearingly called it a Grape nut.



Old Barrier

Old Barrier

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