Monday, March 17, 2008

Gisteq Photo Tracker

The Gisteq Photo Tracker, a recent present I received was put to the test by me for the first time today.

When I received the device, it seemed very intuitive to use (having only three buttons) and it did not disappoint much.
One a trip today I left the device in the Dashboard of my car for the whole time and it recorded  all the time. When I downloaded the Photos I took today, it warned me once, that there were a couple photos taken when it has no recording real close to it. This happened when the car was parked for some time and the device became idle - no big deal, use the closest time you have as a location and continue. It all worked out very well. The only negative I can report is that, due to the idle timeout of 15 minutes (which can be changed or turned off though) it created 4 trips for my ~200 Mile route. Every time I parked for more than 15 minutes it must have created a new log. I saw on the Gisteq support forum that multiple people requested the ability to merge/split log files so I hope that is coming soon.


Since I shoot in RAW I had to upgrade to the PRO license for $20, the standard one only does JPEG, TIFF etc.

Overall a handy device to have, One I do not have to put onto my cameras hot-shoe.

When downloading the file it writes the location data directly to the RAW files and if you export to flickr, Picasa etc. it will show your Photos on the map.

Gisteq Photo Tracker

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