Friday, February 22, 2008

Re: I took the Plunge

In a fairly recent post, I wrote how I took the plunge. By now I am sure most of you heard that the format war is over and Blue-Ray has won.

Well. What do I have now. A brick? A dust-catcher?

I do admit that I may have been to quick buying a next-gen DVD player. It was never 100% clear until recently who would win. At the very best I now have an upscaling DVD player. I own two whole HD-DVD's, Godzilla that came with the player and "The Bourne Ultimatum". Toshiba/Microsoft obviously do not find it necessary to send me the five free DVD's the promised in their coupon. At least so far I have not gotten them.

Since there will hardly be any new releases in HD-DVD, I will not go out and buy a Blue-Ray player. I can watch newish movies in HD via Cable and almost DVD-new movies in HD quality via XBox download. So for now at least back to good and proven DVD.

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