Friday, January 4, 2008

The New Year is here...

It is already four days old and so far it has been a rather hectic year/month. Well not really but I am sure it is going to be. Between moving next week to Brookhaven, GA and getting Married in March I am sure I have my hands full.

I tell myself every weekend to get out and take some pictures but it does not work out that way - even this weekend I think I might stay home packing :(

Oh well, hopefully that'll all change once I moved.

On another note - my dad asked me last weekend, due to his constant frustrations with his computer what I thought about mac. If he asked me that one year ago I would have called him crazy but since, I come to change my mind a bit. No, I don't think OSX is the better OS. I think it is a more stable OS, it is an easier OS and it is a prettier OS. Windows Vista which both of us use has many advantages, first and foremost, it runs the software we are mainly using. I don't have a problem running Vista at home because I don't mind fixing small problems but that is not how it should be. In all seriousness, you should not have to be a geek, expert or whatever to operate a computer. There are still just too many things that can go wrong. Simple things like combining a Microsoft branded Webcam with Microsoft Live Messenger. Generally it works but at times they appear to get out of synch and it takes some tweaking (short of a reboot) to get the back working again.

At any rate - I can now actually see my dad, or anyone for that matter run a mac. Still you may want to run Vista in a VMWare Fusion fashion for some of your apps but besides that it has all you need and the hardware is very nice.

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