Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I took the plunge

I almost promised myself I will wait out the format war between HD-DVD and Blue-Ray.

I did not.

As player prices keep falling - I decided to pick one up yesterday. $130 with 6 Movies (granted not great ones) for the XBox 360 HD-DVD Player.

I just looked at some Sales Ranks on and the Toshiba A2 is at ~298 while the similar priced Sony BDP-S300 is at ~1838. OK I admit I did not look through all of them and the fact the PS3 has Blue-Ray built in probably helps.

There is a reason to my madness in picking up HD-DVD over Blue-Ray. First off. I don't like Sony. I don't know why but I just don't like them. For the same reason I don't like Monopoly. Just can't stand it.
Anyway - there are also technical reasons. I do think that HD-DVD is the better format. While players do improve and I may not have the specs on the very latest Sony Players Blue-Ray does not have to support the latest Audio Codec's like DD-Plus, DTS Master Audio etc. like I said, some might support it but it's not required.
As far as I know, most don't have any Network Hardware e.g. they don't support updated content via the Internet. Yesterday when i popped in the King Kong Movie that came with the player the first thing it did was go online and check for an update to that Movie (guess what there was one).
HD-DVD does support PIP (picture in picture) because they all have two video decoders.
In HD-DVD you can actually save information in the player itself. I.e. Bookmarks.

One of the main arguments of BD is that it can store more data. So what. It's not only that, that matters. HD-DVD disks are close enough and obviously have enough storage for HD Movies and extra content.
As far as size goes, it is not really that important either from what I read. It appears that HD-DVD compression is more efficient that BD compression so they would not even need as much storage to store the same content.

At any rate. I have HD-DVD and if BD will win (Be it 5 years down the road) I will not loose any sleep over it. By that time, like some silly analysts say, we might ONLY have downloadable content anyway and Hard Media is a thing of the past.

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