Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First two days....

so now I am two days into my new Job with S1 and I still feel like they are feeding me with a Fire Hose. This is not a complaint at all, there is just a lot of information to absorb but I do believe that it is a good company and that I will enjoy working there.

Besides some obvious stuff I don't want to get to here, I also have the feeling that they value the individual more than my previous employer. I know. That sounds bad. I like my previous and had some wonderful colleagues there but the environment itself was simply outdated.

Though pretty much everyone is sitting in cubes, even the Director I report to - it is modern. It appears fresh and not only because it is new to me. What the company is doing for the employee makes them enjoy being there. Take the break room for example. In my old job, there were two Microwaves that had maybe 10W each (ok a little more but that is what it seemed like) a couple vending machines, two fridges and a coffee maker with standard crap-o-mat coffee.
Now I have two coffee makers with ~20 different types of coffee and ~10 different types of tea. Three industrial Microwaves, Huge industrial fridges/freezers FREE SODA FOUNTAINS, A Pool Table, Foosball and TV.

Now I know it's not about that room alone but seriously. What I am trying to get to is, that they appear to be valuing the individual. Thinking about the employee and not only about the customer.
Oh free-lunch Fridays don't hurt either :)

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