Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Digital Photography Edge

So yesterday I went to the Digital Photography Edge evening seminar, to be hones not really know what it is about, but what the heck, you can always learn right?

Well it turned out to be dominantly for Wedding and Studio Photographers as Bruce Dorn and Maura Dutra presented their own business. I have to admit, that I have seldom seen such beautiful Wedding Photography. They truly are artists and know what they are doing.
I though, did feel a little lost as it is not what I am doing in Photography. First of all, I am not a professional and I like to adhere more to the Photo Journalism style like "in the moment" rather then "set up".

Anyway, it was interesting to see what they are doing and what can be done. Definitely worth Goggling them....

Why I write this though, they also showed another practice they market, and are very good at. It is Digital Painting. You basically take a Digital Photo into Corel Painter X and start clone-painting. It is a difficult process and takes some practice I am sure but the results are amazing in my opinion. They look like Oil paintings and are printed on canvas rather then paper. Check it out yourself -

In the meantime, I have only taken a few here-and-there photos. Carrying my bag around more often. Here are some samples...

Round Square Mezzo

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