Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's up?

Well, asking myself that question.

A lot is going on lately. My fiance is very busy preparing for the wedding next year. There is a lot to do and I am glad that women have their own sense when it comes to that because I would probably just start making calls in regards to reception and stuff uh maybe a month before. Oh well, she is planning and once in a while she actually has something for me to do.

Next to that, we are considering moving - closer to Atlanta and also away from where we are now as it just is not that good of a neighborhood anymore. I hope everything turns out as I hope - it is definitely a lot to deal with these days.

I am still getting to know my new Camera (40D) but I think I got most new functions down. Next week Tuesday I will be going to an evening Seminar called the Digital Photography Edge, which has some presentations on Advanced Speedlite Techniques, Cinematic Composition etc. I am sure to write more once I attended.

I think I never got to tell about the Digital 102 class I attended which is now over for well over a week.
Well, the last class was quite interesting as we had a Staff Photographer (Photo Journalist) from the Atlanta Journal Constitution critiquing our photos we brought for the final review. I think I did quite well and also won best in class photo with the image below. Well it got me a book - not the point but it is nice to know something I did was liked. :)
I wish there were some more classes, mainly to Network with other people but I guess we just have to Network ourselves through Flickr groups or so.


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