Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sister gone and other stuff

My sister is gone now after a week of visiting me from Hamburg. We had good times and I think she enjoyed her visit as well. As she still has a few more days to relax, it is back to work for me. Must be nice to have ~25 days of vacation a year.

Now it's another 1.5 month or so and my parents will be back here. This time both of them together....

Oh as a follow up to a previous post, there are supposedly installers now that will let me install Writer etc on my 64bit box at home....


Errr what else. Yeah. Halo3 still not beaten. Have to do one level at a time due to time constraints. I am sure most 13 year olds are already officers in the game while I am still working on the campaign but so be it.


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