Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What's in September?

Well as I had not posted in a while and I am stuck with a "silly" customer I might as well just write something here.

What will happen in September?

I am actually going to take a Photography Class. Even though I have done photography (with interruptions) for quite some time; I decided to get some formal training. Hopefully I will be able to pick up some good lessons. I will share my finding of the 6 classes here. I decided to not start with the beginners course but the intermediary; after that they have plenty of guided "field-trips" in the area I can participate.

Towards the end of this month my sister is coming to visit me for a week. Have not seen her in almost a year so I am looking forward to that. Unfortunately I have to work all week but I am sure my fiance can keep her busy too smile_wink.

Other then that? Not much. Sure will hit Stone Mountain at least once this month, see what is happening there....

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