Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Versions

It was a long coming but Microsoft finally released the first beta of the "Live Suite". Basically cramming all their Live apps into one installer.

I was mostly interested in the Windows Live Gallery which basically is new for Windows XP and a Live extension for Windows Vista. So far, well it's a gallery that lets me post to Windows Live spaces. Woopdidu. Other applications for Windows and Mac have been doing that for 300 or so years.
So, besides all that I guess it is a descent image cataloging application. -- After I installed it, it kept crashing on me and I was already getting ready to yell at Microsoft. Before I was going to do that I wanted to figure out why and somehow that fixed it. Curious. Don't you hate it when you fix something and you don't know how you did it?

As for the new beta of Windows Live Writer? Well so far so good. Just a couple enhancements like Video posting, which I don't have much need for yet.

Could not test the new versions of the other apps on my work PC and guess what Microsoft decided not to release a 64bit version I heard so I am not even sure I can install it at home. smile_baringteeth

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